In memory of Bailey

Monday October 15, 2012

It causes me deep sadness and no small amount of distress to tell you that Bailey the Beagle is no longer with us.

Bailey joined the pack on a full time basis just 3 weeks ago.

Over this time, he progressed beautifully from howling tearaway, becoming a well behaved and well liked character, not just within the pack, but also with the friends that we’d regularly meet during our excursions around the countryside.

His characteristic ‘Woo-woo-woo’ of excitement inspired a chuckle from all quarters, and his playful nature and slightly floppy gait soon earned him the pack nickname of Muppet, which he responded to with glee.

He was particularly friendly with Jen, and they would spend hours at either end of a rope pull, tugging each other around the living room, each of them returning to the other to offer the toy after one was victorious in the game. They also enjoyed a similar game with a stick whilst out walking, although this often appeared more like a game of tag.

Bailey learned fast and with a click of the fingers he’d slam his little butt to the floor, waiting for a tasty morsel. He also learned the ‘wait’ command, sitting beautifully to be leashed or unleashed, and holding the position until released. His recall improved day by day as can be seen in the videos, and we grew in confidence with each other.

By the second week, Bailey knew that he was getting the exercise he needed and had calmed down appreciably. In the afternoons, he’d curl up on my lap and sleep away the remaining time until he was picked up, occasionally gazing up at me with sleepy eyes, and worming his way into my heart.

For the last 3 weeks, Bailey ran free with his pack across open country, and revelled in every minute. He brought a zest for life that infected all of us.

On Saturday, Bailey ran from his home and was hit by a car. The vets were unable to save him, and he was put to sleep.

Explaining his absence has left me in pieces today, and I can only imagine the pain his family must be enduring. My heart goes out to them.

Goodbye little Bailey Muppet, I’ll always remember you.